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Sapa to solve price listing problem
Sapa to solve price listing problem
Public price listing and remove vendors clinging to tourists are two hot issues discussed by participants at a workshop on implementation and dissemination of travel service management organized by Sapa people's committee in coordination with Lao Cai department of Culture and Tourism.
According to the assessment, over recent time, the most tourist establishments in the district of Sapa have conducted the listing of prices publicly, serving tourists to Sapa. However, the some businesses still increase service prices, no price list posted publicly, especially on holidays, new year, making it difficult for visitors and the management.
At the workshop, businesses in accommodation were instructed on procedures for evaluating accommodation facilities, declaration and listing price and ensure hygiene and food safety.
Representatives of accommodation businesses also discussed with the authorities, Sapa Tourism Association and industry agencies about price management, listing prices of accommodation services, aiming to improve the quality of service for tourists, ensuring harmony between the interests of tourists and businesses in the coming time.
Earlier, Sapa district also has plans to mention the balance between the benefits of tourism development and increase income for local people. Which emphasizes the need to stop up propaganda, creating jobs, tackling the problem of cling tourists by giving local people the space for recreation, cultural and commercial activities at tourist sites.
According to statistics of the Sapa Department of Culture and Information, there are over 500 vendors in the district.
In most of the reports of the authorities in the area, when it comes to this issue the main reason is because hard life of a part of the population, lack of jobs, poor knowledge...However, there is a reason that is not mentioned is the vocational training for workers deployed locally in recent years still lack classes on trading knowledge.
From 2010 - 2014, Sapa district opened 40 vocational training classes such as embroidery, sewing brocade, flax cultivation, vegetable growing, fruit growing, mechanical engineering...for over 1000 agricultural workers. However, the training courses only focused on how to make products without how to sell them.
Therefore, In order to keep sustainable tourism development Sapa should have a binding mechanism to share benefits among service businesses with local people to address the root problem of clinging tourists in the coming years.
Discuss this issue, some delegates said that Sapa would lack it's attractive color without local people wearing a brocade working at tourist sites. Just their presence alone is interesting, if they play flute, dance let's see them as street artists.
It is essential for Sapa authorities to organize survey, specific planning at each tourist sites so that the activities go into order and benefit from legitimate income of the people.